Apple to present a modern telephoto camera with iPhone 15

Agreeing to industry sources, a enormous OIS and autofocus actuators provider in South Korea has struck a bargain with Apple. 
Final year, the US-based company gone to Jahwa and a few accept that the OIS modules creator is investing more than $155 million on building a unused fabricating facility. 
Apple to present a unused fax camera with iPhone 15 Given the estimate of the venture and the reality that Apple regularly inquires its providers to construct generation lines fair for its needs that's a solid sign that the two companies are beginning to work together.
 It's curiously to note that Jahwa may be a providing OIS modules to Samsung as well. The modern camera equipment,

 which is accepted to be utilized for fax units, will come fair in time for the iPhone 15 lineup following year, beginning generation in Q2 2023. Now, whereas this doesn't cruel that Apple has chosen to incorporate a periscope fax camera, it's an sign that a more progressed zoom camera is within the works.